Customer Information Section

Customer Information section definition




Customer Number

Required. A unique system-assigned number assigned to identify each organization as a customer. Either enter the customer number or use the lookup _searchicon to find it.

pencil-small    This selection automatically populates field information in the Billing/Shipping tab.

Customer External ID

Display only. A unique number assigned to identify each customer source code organization as a customer associate with a customer number.

Customer Purchase Order Number

Optional. If there is a purchase order associated with this invoice to this customer, enter the PO number here.

Customer Name

Display only. The name of the customer whose customer number was entered in the Customer Number field. This field is maintained by the system.

Customer Source Code

Display only. A unique code assigned to identify each organization as a customer.

Customer Purchase Order Date

Optional. The date on the customer purchase order that indicates when it was initiated. Either enter the date or use the calendar icon _cal to select it.


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