The requisition document routing includes the following special condition routing in addition to the regular account review and organization review hierarchy:

      Content routing: This type of routing allows the initiator of a requisition to route an incomplete document and have it completed by another KFS user. Content routing is optional and rules are created based on the Chart and Organization values in the requisition's Requisition Detail section of the Document Overview tab. A user who receives a document via content routing has a request type of 'Complete' for the document in his or her action list. This user may open the document, complete it and send it into normal routing. Content routing is most commonly used for the completion of accounting information.

      Sub-account review: The requisition allows for approvers to be defined at the sub-account level. If the requisition uses a sub-account on its accounting lines, Workflow checks to see whether there is a specified routing rule for this sub-account. Users can only approve/disapprove the document at this level. Approvers cannot change content.

      Fiscal officer routing: Approvers can modify and/or add accounting lines for accounts that they own; the only other content that can be modified at this level is the Org Document Number field.

      Base/org review routing: Optional route level to work groups for the accounts set-up on the document based on the requisition amount total and charts/orgs in use.

      Commodity code review:  This route level is triggered if a commodity code on any line item has been added to the Commodity Reviewer role.

      Separation of duties: This rule routes a requisition to a defined central approver if the amount of the document exceeds an institutionally defined threshold and there have been no approvers other than the document initiator. This routing ensures that requisitions above a specified dollar amount are approved by at least two users. Approvers can only approve/disapprove. Approvers cannot change requisition content.