Extracting Effort Data from the Labor Ledger

The extract process collects Labor Ledger records of employees who were paid on a grant or cost-shared during the selected reporting period and uses the data to populate tables that are eventually used to generate effort reports.

The first step is to use the Report Definition maintenance document to configure the report number and change its status from 'N' (Not yet opened - updates allowed) to 'O' (Open - batch process has generated reports).

The second step is to properly establish the effort certification parameters that control what report you will be extracting data for. Three KFS system parameters impact the extract process. Each is explained in the table below. Two are used to define the record in the Report Definition table for the extract. The third (RUN_ID) simply indicates whether the Extract process should actually run.

Effort Certification extract parameters

Parameter Name




Indicates the fiscal year of the Report Definition record for which we are going to extract effort data.



Indicates the report number of the Report Definition record for which we are going to extract effort data.


Indicates if the EffortCertificationExtractStep (the portion of the EffortCertificationExtractJob that actually extracts the Labor Ledger entries) should run. If set to 'Y,' this step will run. If set to 'N,' the step will not run, even if the EffortCertificationExtractJob runs. This allows you to schedule the EffortCertificationExtractJob batch job to run at a regular time daily, but to only extract reports on days when you have updated this parameter to 'Y'.

After modifying parameters, run the EffortCertificationExtractJob. Your institution may schedule this batch job at a regular daily time (remembering that the extract step will not run if the RUN_ID parameter is not set to 'Y'). You may also run the job manually using the Schedule option on the Maintenance menu tab.


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