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Calculated Salary Foundation Tracker Lookup Results definition



Fiscal Year


The Fiscal Year in which the employee is compensated.

Chart Code


The chart code the position's funding account number belongs to.

Account Number

The account number from which the position's salary expense is paid

Sub-Account Number

The sub-account number from which the position's salary expense is paid, if any

Object Code


The object code the employee's compensation is charged to.

Sub-Object Code


The sub-object code for the account from which the employee is compensated

Position Number

A number that identifies the employee's position or positions for this account for this fiscal year


The name of the most recent employee. 'VACANT' indicates that no employee was appointed in this position as of the date the record was created

July 1 Budget Amount

The budgeted amount as of July 1 for this position

July 1 Budget FTE Quantity

The budgeted full time effort quantity for this position. '1' = full-time, .'5' = half-time, etc.

CSF Amount

The amount budgeted for the employee in this position on this account for the fiscal year

CSF FTE Quantity

The current full time equivalency for this position

CSF Funding Status Code

Institution-defined; Indicates whether the CSF line has budget commitments

exclaim    If used, the Budget Construction module must include the following statuses (required by the budget initiation process known as 'genesis'):
-: Active CSF line
L: On leave
V: Vacant


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