GL Demerger Process

Mainflow-De Merge

The GL transaction demerger process is initiated as part of the overall 'Scrubber' process and prior to 'Main Poster' in the 'Poster' process. The demerger process has several functions.

      Using the errors identified by earlier parts of the 'Scrubber,' it locates all of the accounting entries for each document number with a reported error and removes these transactions from processing. This action prevents KFS from posting unbalanced transactions to the General Ledger.

      It removes any offsets that were generated by the 'Scrubber' for the document numbers with errors. 'Scrubber'-generated offsets are removed to prevent duplicate offset generation when the records are passed back through the accounting cycle after correction.

      The process creates a ScrbErr2 file in the Origin Entry table with all of the transactions for document numbers with errors. (ScrbErr2 is the primary error correction file for the GL Correction Process e-doc). It also generates statistics as part of the accounting cycle control totals, recording the number of records in the error group, the number of each type of offset bypassed, the number of records passed to the Main Poster, etc.

      It creates the following report.


GL Posting ('Poster')