Business Rules for Combining Payments

      During formatting, the PDP attempts to combine multiple payments to the same payee into a single check.

      Payments are eligible to be combined if the payment is combinable and if these field values are identical for each payment:

Payment Type

Payee ID

Payee Name

Payee Address (Line 1)

      Payments marked for special handling, attachments, or immediate printing are not eligible to be combined.

      If payments are determined to be combinable based on the above criteria, the PDP combines as many payments as possible into a single check. A parameter (MAX_NOTE_LINES) controls the maximum number of note lines that the PDP attempts to put on a single check. If adding a payment to a combined check would exceed the maximum number of lines, then the PDP creates a new check for this payment.

      The KFS-PURAP module includes logic to bundle together payment requests and credit memos under certain circumstances. This logic is outside of PDP and occurs within the PURAP module itself.


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