Putting a Payment Request on Hold

An AP user or an approver who receives a payment request for approval may choose to put the payment request on hold or remove a hold from the payment request.

To place a payment request on hold, you must attach a note to the document explaining the reason it has been put on hold. The payment request is then marked as Hold = 'Yes'. 'Hold' is an indicator; the document's status does not change.

The hold flag prevents a payment request from being extracted and paid. A payment request may be put on hold any time between submit and the time it is extracted to the Pre-Disbursement Processor. When a document is taken off hold, it retains the status it had when the hold flag was turned on.

1.     Click the  button.

2.     In the field displayed, enter a reason for putting the payment on hold.

3.     Click buttonsmall_Yes to put the payment request on hold.

The payment request is marked Hold='yes' and a large header appears at the document indicating who placed the order on hold.


Removing a Hold from the Payment Request