The Labor Distribution module, which sits between an institution's payroll system and the G/L, manages the accounting aspects of compensation-related expenses such as salaries and benefits. Whereas an implementing institution is responsible for populating the Labor Ledger tables from a payroll system, the Labor Distribution module allows users to post salary transfer, benefit transfer, Labor Ledger correction process, and Labor Journal Voucher entry e-docs to make necessary adjustments to the Labor Ledger records. Labor Ledger changes that affect your G/L are also passed through and posted to the G/L. The Labor Distribution module also generates mass transactions to update beginning balances during the year-end process.

All of these labor distribution processes are especially important in recording compensation records accurately in the accounting books and managing effort reporting in the Effort Certification module.

LD Overview

The Labor Distribution documents available from the Transactions menu and Administrative Transactions menu groups allow users to make salary and benefit cost adjustments and corrections to the labor distribution records posted from the local payroll system. The following table lists each document type and its purpose. Letters in parentheses denote the document type code for each document.

Labor Distribution transaction documents




Benefit Expense Transfer (BT)

Transfers benefit charges for a particular accounting period or set of periods from one or more accounts to one or more other accounts, primarily to make corrections to the incorrectly charged benefit expense(s). Benefit charges are grouped by benefit type within an object code.

Labor Ledger Correction Process (LLCP)

Allows central administration to correct errors that occur during Labor Ledger processing.

Labor Journal Voucher (LLJV)

Performs accounting tasks that cannot be effected by any of the specialized labor documents. The system performs minimal edits on user entries.

Salary Expense Transfer (ST)

Moves salaries and benefit charges for a given employee for a particular accounting period or set of periods from one or more accounts to one or more other accounts.


Labor Ledger Daily Process