Accessing Labor Distribution Functions

Labor Distribution functions are organized into groups on the KFS Main Menu and Maintenance menus as follows.

      Salary and expense benefit transfer e-docs are accessed via the Transactions submenu on the Main Menu tab.

      Labor Distribution journal voucher and correction e-docs are listed in the Administrative Transactions submenu on the Main Menu tab.

      Additionally, several Labor Ledger balance inquiries are available from the Balance Inquiries submenu on the Main Menu.

      Also on the Main Menu, the Year-End Transactions submenu provides access to year-end versions of the salary and benefit expense transfer e-docs.

go-arrow-red.gif     This documentation does not provide a separate section for each individual year end e-doc because these e-docs are similar to each other and are similar to their regular e-doc counterparts. For general information about the year-end process, see Labor Year End Jobs and Year End E-Docs. For information about business rules for each e-doc, see the section on its regular counterpart.

      The Maintenance menu tab offers access to e-docs through which users maintain various tables used in the salary and fringe benefit calculations that are necessary to track position costs in the Labor Ledger. These e-docs are accessible via the Labor Distribution submenu.


Standard Transaction E-Docs