Administrative Transaction Documents

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On the Main Menu tab, the Administrative Transactions submenu allows users to view and maintain administrative documents that support financial operations.

FP documents available from the Main Menu, Administrative Transactions submenu

Document Type



Cash Management (CMD)

Allows you to record the actual bank deposit for one or more Cash Receipt (CR) documents and track cashiering activities that affect the cash drawer throughout the day.

General Ledger Correction Process (GLCP)

Enables you to correct errors that occur during G/L processing.

Journal Voucher (JV)

Allows you to perform accounting tasks that cannot be done by any of the other financial transaction documents.

Non-Check Disbursement (ND)

Used to record charges or debits directly assessed to a bank account created by banking transactions that do not automatically update the accounts in the system.

Service Billing (SB)

Used for to bill goods and services provided by a university department to another internal department, reflecting income to the provider and expense to the customer.


Cash Management

General Ledger Correction Process

Journal Voucher

Non-Check Disbursement

Service Billing