Receiving (Line Item Receiving)


The Line Item Receiving (RCV) document is used to acknowledge the receipt of goods or services on purchase order line items for which a quantity is given. There are two kinds of receiving documentsóbulk and line item. This section addresses line item receiving only. Line item receiving is used to record the quantities of items received, damaged, returned or unordered on a purchase order.

go-arrow-red†† For information about bulk receiving, see Bulk Receiving.

When the purchase order routing is completed and the PO becomes fully approved, if the Receiving Required flag is not 'Yes,' the attributes of the purchase order are compared to the Receiving Thresholds table. If one of the attributes on the purchase order matches the Thresholds table, then the Receiving Required flag is set to 'Yes'. Amendments are also evaluated to determine whether the flag should be set if payment requests have not yet been processed against the purchase order.

When receiving is required, the Receiving document is processed against a purchase order to satisfy confirmation of satisfactory receipt of the goods.

exclaim††† When receiving is satisfied, the payment request is eligible for auto approval for payment without regard to dollar amount limits. For this reason, it is important that the fiscal officer (or delegate) understand that the receiving document does not replace the fiscal officer (or delegate's) responsibility to confirm that accounts are properly charged and the proper amount is paid. The receiving document satisfies the receipt of goods only. The fiscal officer or delegate is responsible for ensuring that the amounts to be paid are correct and the correct accounts are charged.

pencil-small†††† When receiving required is 'Yes', the payment request document does not route for fiscal officer approval until sufficient quantity has been documented as received.

pencil-small†††† The auto approval process is designed to push payments through so that vendors are paid on time. The fiscal officer is permitted to approve all payments, not just those that require positive approval.


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