Entering Lookup Criteria

After you select the desired inquiry, you are taken to the lookup criteria screen. The lookup criteria may display some default values, which you may change. To view all General Ledger balances on a specific account you need to enter just the chart and the account number. You can be more specific by including additional criteria. To view specific sub-accounts, object codes or sub-object codes you may enter these criteria. On some of the inquiry screens the balance type may be changed to view something other than actual balances. For example, to view budget transactions, you can change the balance type to either 'CB' (current budget), 'BB' (base budget), or 'MB' (monthly budget which may not be available on all accounts).

The following is an example of the lookup criteria screen for the General Ledger Balance Lookup.

Click buttonsmall_search when you have entered all necessary criteria and are ready to retrieve the balances.


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