Automatic Purchase Order

Term. The Automatic Purchase Order (APO) is automatically generated when a requisition document is fully approved and all the APO rules are met. APO rules are: requisition total is less than the APO limit for the departmental organization (value set by Purchasing),  requisition total is greater than 0, there are no restricted items, the vendor has been selected from the vendor lookup, the vendor is not a restricted vendor, the requisition is not a recurring payment type of request, the departmental organization has not set an 'PO Total Cannot Exceed' amount, the requisition has not added alternate vendor names, the funds will be encumbered in the current fiscal year, the requisition does not contain a trade-in and discount line item, the requisition does not have a capital asset object code on any line items. An APO document can only be created under certain conditions, as specified in the business rules set up by the institution.