Action Taken

Term. An action taken on a document by a Reviewer in response to an Action Request that results in one of the following action statuses:

Saved - The initiator has saved the document for later consideration.

Canceled - Reviewer has canceled document; routing has stopped.

Disapproved - Reviewer has disapproved document; routing has stopped; Acknowledge requests are sent to prior approvers.

Completed - Reviewer has completed all actions requested on the document.

Approved - Reviewer has approved the action requested on the document.

Acknowledged - Reviewer has viewed and acknowledged the document.

FYI - Notification to alert the reviewer about this document.

Blanket Approved - Reviewer has exercised blanket approval at a specified point in route path on document. Reviewers who have not approved will receive Acknowledge requests.

Return to Previous - document is returned to a previous point in the route path.

See also Supervisor Functions.